Blyth Investments

Blyth Investments manages an active investment portfolio for its own account in the fields of technology, real estate and health care. Involved in both passive and active investments,the objective of Blyth Investments is to “identify innovative thought leaders, ideas and enterprises” capable of creating enhanced returns and long term value.


Blyth Advisory Services

From its broad base of experience, Blyth Advisory Services include:

• strategic thinking and planning
• fuelling and managing growth
• business triage and turnarounds
• goal-setting and KPI reporting
• organizational optimization and motivation
• structuring for success
• “next generation” issues
• personal advice and coaching

Outside subject matter expertise is acquired when necessary to enable the appropriate breadth of assistance to growing enterprises or special situations. The increasing importance of the advisory role arises from the need to assist both owners and boards from an objective vantage point, without the limitations that can exist in a formal management role or that of a director.


Blyth Mediation

Blyth Mediation brings a wide range of corporate experience, relational skills and clear thinking in order to assist parties in resolving a dispute. Operating internationally, Blyth Mediation accepts engagements in which parties have pre-determined that resolution is preferred to the high cost and distraction of litigation or continuing a disputed situation. Blyth believes that with wise facilitation, any dispute, even the most complex, antagonistic ones, can be resolved within one week once the disputing parties have determined resolution is preferred. In a facilitated mediation, the goal is to help the parties reach a fair and mutually-acceptable settlement.